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The Hero's Journey

I created The Hero's Journey as a QuickStart framework that would help authors at every level to plan their protagonist. A solid protagonist is the single most powerful element in any novel. Get them wrong and the plot falls apart. Get them right and the story flows. Using The Fiction Writing Maps as a foundation for this guide, I pulled in the most critical points for nailing the heroic character. If you want to dig deeper into character creation, download A Step-By-Step Guide To Characters through Amazon or Scribd.

Delivered as a pdf upon purchase. 

Fiction Writing Maps Step by Step eBook

The Fiction Writing Maps:

A Step-By-Step Guide To Characters

Most people sit down to write a novel without ever having done it before. That sounds crazy, but it's true! Familiarity with the English language doesn't guarantee mastery of the novel writing process.

Great writers do one thing differently: they study novel writing. They learn how to translate their ideas into words, craft characters who leap off the page and master the art of story.

Now you can, too. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Characters peels apart the layers of novel design to expose the nuts and bolts of writing. We show you how to plug your own ideas into that framework to write industry standard prose.

Though each character is different, they all require the same fundamental information. We studied hundreds of novels, analyzed thousands of characters and distilled it all down to a straightforward process.

Examples, tips and techniques help you create dynamic characters every time. With guided questions at the end of each chapter and built templates, you can flex your writing muscles and see the results.

Learn the importance of choosing specific details to create a tightly focused story. Explore vignettes, understand the function of symbolism and learn how to parse backstory. You'll find this and so much more in this breakthrough writer's resource.

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Jackie St. James holds undergraduate and master's degrees in English Literature & Writing Pedagogy.
She lives in Texas with five chickens, three dogs, a teacup polar bear and a real life hero.

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