Affiliate Accounts

Let's face it: the Web is an ocean of information, and many times the best resources and information are curated not through Google, but by like-minded people searching for solid answers.

To that end, Fiction Writing Maps has sifted through hundreds (potentially thousands) of books and resources to locate the ones that count. Because that's our business, FWM holds affiliate accounts with other websites whose primary business is the support and education of readers and writers.

Therefore, many of the links through connect you to a site that registers our unique affiliate ID. Should you purchase through that link, FWM receives the same small commission that other sites receive when connecting individuals with the resources for which they are searching.

Regardless of the path you used to get to a site, the cost for these products is the same. We, at FWM, help other businesses defray the enormous cost of Google Adwords PPC by hooking you up with resources that will genuinely help you become a better writer. You can purchase anywhere on the Web. We hope that you find our resource so valuable that you'll come back here to purchase.

If you recommend a book or other writing resource that you don't see on FWM, let us know the name and how it worked for you. If we put it on our resource list, we'll drop you a line asking to tag you as the genius who found it.

Working together, we all become better writers.

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