Writing a novel is hard.

Not writing a novel is harder.


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If this is your first time writing a manuscript, this is the place to start. Get The Fiction Writing Maps: A Step-by-Step Guide To Writing Characters to begin building deep, dynamic characters that readers fall in love with.

Can't wait to get started? The Character Maps will help you create fabulous fictional characters right now. Use The Maps to begin a new novel or refine characters in a novel already in process.

Find out more about tools, books, software and accessories that streamline & support the writing process. We bring you the no fluff, no flattery and "no holds barred" truth that helps you invest wisely in your writing resources.

If there was a roadmap for writing... what would it look like?

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The Fiction Writing Maps:

A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Characters

    I Want To Read This Book!

    The Writer's Craft

    Most people sit down to draft their first novel without ever having done it before.

    Sound crazy? It is!

    Mastery of the English language doesn’t guarantee mastery of the novel writing process.

    The Fiction Writing Maps peels apart the layers of novel design and exposes the nuts and bolts of writing.

    Then we show you step-by-step how to plug your own ideas into that framework.

    The Fiction Writing Maps do what no other writing resource does...

    We show you how to write


    Write Expert Scenes

    Great writers do one thing differently than everyone else:

    They study novel writing.

     And master it.

    They learn how to translate their ideas into print.

    They learn how to craft expert, focused scenes that push the plot forward.

    Charting The Scenic Route shows you how simple it is to plan and write polished scenes

    The Fiction Maps do what no other writing resource does.

    We show you how to write.

    The Fiction Writing Maps:

    Charting The Scenic Route

      I Want To Read This Book!

      • The Fiction Writing Maps guide you from start to finish--from character to completion.